It’s Time to Get Serious.

Had a great photoshoot type thing the other day with a friend. It was a ton of fun! Keep scrolling down for my newest personal health and fitness plans!

Photo credit:  Instagram – @outregispics

I love living a healthier lifestyle, it makes me feel great! BUT, we all have cravings for unhealthy foods, and we always want to eat more than we actually need. I LOVE food just as much as the next person and it’s SO difficult not to eat everything in sight sometimes. I’m a stress eater, so when I get overwhelmed I head straight for the kitchen, and usually I’m not interested in a salad in those moments. Anyway, I’ve noticed that lately I have been particularly bad at controlling myself, and keeping my portions consistent. Especially with the summer being the most social part of the year, in my opinion. I’ve gone out to eat a lot more than usual, and I have been eating way too much pizza! I am deciding to challenge myself, I’ve never kept a diet plan and I’ve always just TRIED to eat intuitively. Because I have had such a hard time lately, I am choosing to make my own little plan, nothing restrictive, just a set of guidelines for keeping myself on track. I will be avoiding added sugar, because I have a HORRIBLE sweet tooth, and I will also by staying away from processed carbs. Now this seems like a very small change but sugar is added to EVERYTHING and who doesn’t want pasta, and bread. Especially when you work at Panera BREAD! I am also challenging myself to workout a bit longer and harder 5 days a week. Now somedays I REALLY just want to go home and go to bed after work, so I don’t give my workout 100% or I do something quick and easy. The result has been little progress, and I’m never sore. Which to me means that I’m not working hard enough. So wish me luck and we will see how it goes, I hope to be able to see some progress, as I have hit a plateau it seems. September will be a good month!

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