Self Image

This morning I woke up, looked in the mirror and noticed that I had some definition in my abs. Now it’s something silly that I have always wanted, I try not to focus on the physical aspect of my health and fitness journey as much as I do the mental ones. In this day and age that is extremely difficult because of how many perfect bodies we are exposed to on social media, whether the lighting and angle is just right or the photo is edited. Whatever it is, it makes it seem like half of the world is perfect, but take a second to realize that those people probably have just as many self doubts as you.

Anyway, continuing with my morning, I hopped right out of bed grabbed my camera and immediately thought, “I have to get a good picture for Instagram”, it’s a little embarrassing to say but it’s true. I took pictures flexed, unflexed, from different angles, in different lighting, the works. All just to find the picture that made me look “good”. After taking 15 pictures and not liking a single one, I realized how wrong it is for me to want to post that picture. I want to send a message that you can get where you want to be of course, but why would I try to flex and pose and make myself look perfect when I know I’m not. When it doesn’t matter what you are physically anyways. I am happy with myself right now, and that’s a great feeling. I want everyone to be comfortable saying that as well. I want to continue working hard and see more progress but, it isn’t my only goal, and it isn’t my top priority. My top priority is not only to feel happy and optimistic most of the time but also to tell others that they should strive for that too. I’m not perfect and that’s okay, it’s good actually because if I was I don’t think I’d be human! We are all imperfect, we are all unique, and what we should really strive for is perfect imperfection. Imperfection that we acknowledge and that we hold with pride. So I won’t be posting any pictures online of me trying way to hard to look good, because I feel good and that should show in any photo I take.


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