Getting back to individualism.

As much as I rant and rave about everyone being valuable in their uniqueness, I spend an awful lot of time questioning my own value. Questioning whether or not I will matter. Like I said in my last post, I question whether or not there is room for my success. I somehow forget to consider my own views on the importance of being unique, when considering myself. I wonder if self doubt is really just forgetting that we are unique individuals as well. Forgetting that we have a unique perspective to offer. I think that the view we have of ourselves is always skewed towards the negative. I allow myself to get so lost in the negative, and I doubt so much that my individualism gets lost in my own head. A place where it goes through endless critiquing and never leaves. It’s a lot for someone like me, to accept that I am worthy of being seen. That anyone will care what I have to say… Regardless I’m starting to realize that I have to say it. I have to be unapologetically me. I have to stop doubting myself and accept who I am, I have to be enough for me. After that, it doesn’t matter who else thinks I’m good enough.

One thought on “Getting back to individualism.

  1. Conquer self doubt by
    writing your aspirations
    give voice to your dreams
    set your spirit free, share your
    enthusiasm for life
    Tanka 5,7,5,7,7
    I met someone who cares and thinks the world of you. Keep blogging and working toward your goals. Don’t let anyone hold you back.


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