Quarantine Bliss-ter

So this level of quarantining has been overwhelming to say the least. Now the world will be slowly moving again. I have definitely taken for granted some of the great things that have come out of this forced stagnancy. I have had TIME, for once since starting my adult life I have had time to go outside, draw, create, and learn. While I can’t say I have taken full advantage of this period of forced unemployment. I can say it has been enlightening, unfortunately it is only now, when everything is returning to normal. That I, am truly able to feel the bliss that comes with all of this time. I am excited though, to implement new daily rituals, rituals that I hope, will make the most of MY time. The possession of such a precious thing has gone unnoticed too long. There are so many things to do and enjoy and learn. Why we waste so much, I have no idea. I am guilty of binge watching a tv show for a full day, I am guilty of wasting, probably more than most. However, I notice the guilt, feel it, in all of its harsh reality. Time is a finite source for us, all of us moving around the globe. Time, or the lack there of, is something that we fear. And while fear can be a motivator, it isn’t the one I think we should be focusing on. It takes out enjoyment, it introduces too much complexity in our minds. When there is already so much complexity apart from ourselves, that is just begging to be noticed. It’s yet another thing I think we all take for granted. Don’t forget the feeling of time, don’t let time passing scare you, just make sure you spend it wisely.

Thanks for listening.

5 thoughts on “Quarantine Bliss-ter

  1. We will all come out of this better than we were before if we take the same honest look at ourselves as you did, and allow ourselves to see the the gifts that are hidden in the challenges that have been forced upon us.
    You expressed yourself wonderfully.
    Thank you for your positive outlook.


      1. You’re welcome. I’ve also been suffering from writer’s block for more than a month and have come to realize many of the same truths that you have. I’m currently working on a post while sitting in the pavilion at the Hudson Crossing.


      2. Whoops, didn’t mean to hit the send button! What I was going to say is that we (I) need to get out of the house for my mind to focus on writing now. The days go by too quickly to stay indoors with all the distractions that are there. This is a good place to write.


      3. I find that, after spending a fair amount of time outdoors, I can usually write quite easily now. I think for me writing has just been on the back burner because I can’t seem to find a placement for it in my life. But getting back into it has really made me appreciate the cathartic affect it has, personally that is.


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