One Little Room

Where all life’s experience exists

Every true genuine feeling is felt 

In one little room


To say whether it’s negative or positive 

Is not up to me 


Clearly I’ve lost you 

But then again you aren’t here

And whether or not that’s important

I don’t know


Maybe somehow I enjoy this space

The excuse for isolation 

Somehow consoling 


Here there is no pressure

Everyone is shut away 



Until somehow it isn’t 

Being with yourself too long is somehow



Not every moment is terrible

Being alone is not always, lonely

Sometimes it’s just thinking

Feeling and Being too 


There is a melancholic comfort 

In being alone

No Pressure

no need to convey my thinking 


But then there’s ‘you’

Forcing me to acknowledge my discomfort, and discontent

Noticing my craving for connection

Wanting to escape this little room


You’ll show me how, won’t you?

2 thoughts on “One Little Room

  1. I read this through several times. There’s a profound difference between being alone and being lonely, though the line is very thin. You’ve already found your way, and your words help others to follow.

    What a long strange trip it’s been. Still, the journey continues.

    This is a wonderful piece, well thought and written with feeling.


    1. I appreciate your support, I wish my writers’ block would give up a bit. Since quarantine, I feel like all of my creativity (in any area) has plummeted. 😦 hopefully things will start looking up soon!

      Liked by 1 person

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