Starting Fresh

This blog has become a huge mess over the past years that I’ve had it. I haven’t posted regularly, my content has become more of a place to purge all of my self-doubt, and I’m sick of not utilizing what I have as a platform for my creative pursuits and self-expression. I am so much more than my bad days, and this is the time for me to start over and really dig deep into self-discovery and ultimately acceptance.

Recently, I’ve been more interested in portrait photography, most specifically self-portraits. It has really allowed me to express different sides of myself, and become more emotive in a creative field. While I’m sure there will still be a mishmash of content on this blog, I really want to hone in my own creativity and bring something unique to the table. I hope some will gain insight into not only me, but in themselves and truly feel, through said content. It’s a new chapter, a new time, and we are all trying to pick up the pieces, I hope this will help me pick up some of mine.

To those who have followed me (the very few),

I sincerely appreciate any time you took out of your day to read some of my writing. I hope you will stick with me in this new chapter. Please reach out, not only is this time uncertain, it’s also very lonely and I think everyone could use a friend.

Thanks again.

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