It’s interesting that I created this blog years ago, and have always lost motivation/courage to continue. In my last post I talked about how moods can change in just a moment. I have spent a long time letting those bad moods affect me for months. I have continuously let myself lose friends, projects, hobbies, etc. It takes a toll.

In the past few weeks, I have learned to really enjoy blogging regularly. I have learned how to enjoy blogging for me, simply because I have things to say, and something about that feels very freeing. I don’t have to focus on follows, or likes, because I truly am doing this because, writing things down, sharing drawings, and creative musings, is therapeutic. It helps me to keep my thoughts, ideas, and goals more organized.

All that said, it is really nice to see that other people enjoy, and/or relate, to the things I have to say. More accurately, there are people who relate to me, who share a creative mind, a desire to learn, and who are willing to support someone without any expected returns. So, thank you for 100 followers, and I hope you continue to enjoy my art, and life.

I decided, in my infinite wisdom, to draw a few fun characters to document this momentous occasion.

11 thoughts on “100 Followers!

    1. Thanks so much. It’s so easy to be dishonest in this social media age, and I just want to be unapologeticly myself, it’s been a difficult road getting there but this blog has helped immensely.

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  1. It is such a precious kind of vulnerability-
    to say, yes, it might hurt, but I’m gonna be this anyway…
    and in this world,
    right now,
    where so many voices all around us are claiming so many reasons to keep us in a place we don’t wish to be…
    it’s the most priceless thing you can do.
    It’s what real hope looks like,
    staring back at you with its one beautifully rendered eye.

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  2. Yay for 100! WordPress keeps trying to tell me how to optimise my viewership, i.e. get more traffic. I’m not interested in branding (really it would be RE-branding) myself to make me more palatable to more people. Like you, my blog is for me first, and i figure if anyone stumbles across it and it helps, great. If i’m not their thing, cool. Either way, it ain’t my business. All that stuff feels like manipulation to me (i know it isn’t for everyone), and i avoid that because it makes me feel yucky.

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    1. Exactly! Manipulating yourself to become more likable is an injustice to not only yourself but also to others. It’s also the complete opposite of the whole self-confidence movement going on in modern media. It just makes everything feel and seem so fake. 🙃

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