My thoughts on Social Media/Influencer ‘Culture'(?)

Social media is the epitome of life nowadays, and while I find that kind of scary. I can understand why we have gotten to this point, societally. It’s interesting how everyone is looking for fame, in a place that it only starting existing about a decade ago. Now I’m someone who struggles to understand social media, in terms of gaining a ‘following’. I honestly find it quite scary how marketing has gotten online. We get ‘optimized’, literally, all of the ads and marketing that we see is tailored to our searches, previous likes, etc. I’m getting a little off topic so I’ll go back to the media moguls. The people with millions of ‘fans’, people making their income off of a following.

I think it’s amazing that some people are able to make money off of their own branding. It must be awesome to make money just being you, and creating awesome content. My only qualm with this, is that it’s hard to see why everyone can’t offer the same individuality, and make money off of it. In some ways I know it isn’t realistic, but really it’s only because I’ve been told that’s unrealistic. I truly believe that everyone has quirks, and marketable ideas for social media content.

It’s hard to understand how these people even got where they are, I’m sure for most of them it was an immense amount of time and effort. But seriously, how the fuck do you gain such a massive following? What is it that that person has, that we don’t. I’m genuinely not trying to bring anyone down, or bag on social media influencers. It’s just a perplexing concept to me, it’s perplexing that some people can build a giant following in less than a year, while some are working day in and day out to produce quality content, and seeing very little progress for years upon years.

Now like I said in my last post, I’m writing this blog for me. I still have a terrible time trying to keep up with other social media platforms, and that’s okay. As much as it would be awesome to make money posting pictures on Instagram, it isn’t something I even really see as attainable. I feel as though there is a certain type of personality that excels in social media, and I think that’s great. My only dissuasion, is that I really think more diversity needs to be in social media culture. Not just different ethnicities, and backgrounds, but, different personalities too. We need some more ‘weirdos’, if you will. People who aren’t afraid to go off the beaten path, people to account for all of us who don’t fit, and don’t want to fit either. Society is exceptionally diverse, my question is, why doesn’t influencer culture reflect that?

6 thoughts on “My thoughts on Social Media/Influencer ‘Culture'(?)

  1. Good question. I think it’s because the influencers are controlled by the major media. When they get out of line, they lose everything, get censored or banned. That prevents diversity of thought across all platforms. It’s a bummer for sure.

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    1. It really is despicable, the amount of control that’s taken by major media corporations. In line with so many other companies and areas of society. It’s just so deceptive to the masses.

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  2. Oh my this post is so relatable. I did a few marketing subjects as part of my degree and all I can add is that those people who are “popular” and successful are not doing anything spontaneous or genuine. To be successful on social media it takes a very calculated approach and lots of time and effort as well as lots of $ spent on ads and so on so you can be at the top of search engines, use the right search words, beat the algorithms and so on. Plus you also typically have to be young and extremely beautiful. It’s frustrating and sad to me because I agree that there is so much diversity and creativity that gets swamped by people who are taking a tactical approach and are usually supported by marketing and PR experts but appear to be just “ordinary” people posting random stuff from their lives.

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