The Pursuit of Self Education

When was it that we decided learning could only be done in schools? When did we become complacent with our knowledge/ability to learn?

I have been fairly consistent in pursuing my right to continue learning, even though I refuse to take part in the current education system. There is so much information out there, and in this age it is possible to find information on nearly anything in mere moments. I am partial to physical books, however I find the internet remarkable.

I have been at a loss for words lately, which means this blog is the first thing to lose engagement. I call this time of year my hibernation period, in part because this is the time I ingest information much more than I bring any new ideas and/or content to the world.

I’m still here, I’m just pursuing my Life education, which I find much more important than any accolades, certificates, or diplomas.

Does anyone else feel the urge to consume more information at certain times of year, or periods of life? If I starting writing about what I decided to learn every few days, would anyone be interested? Would anyone join me in this pursuit?

I’m currently reading a book I bought at a thrift store a while back for 50 cents. It’s titled, The Best American Science and Nature Writing by various scientists and academics. While the book is from the year 2005, I’ve learned a lot about the development of science, through not only the discoveries themselves, but also the political and social background of scientific advancement. It was a book I was not overly excited to pick up, however, I have been pleasantly surprised by how interesting most of these writings actually are. I may have to look for more current versions of the series after I finish this one.

So, here we are in a world full of information, what are we going to do with that luxury?

8 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Self Education

    1. I would love to be able to build a community on here willing to challenge themselves and others in their way of thinking. Especially in the US I find that many people are extremely complacent in their ideals without increasing their knowledge and the lack of open-mindedness is disheartening for people like me. Do you find yourself thinking the same things? I wonder how we could open up discussions on any wide range of topics for people with different interests. I would love a project to sink my passion into and open up new opportunities in the process.


      1. Yes, there’s an excitement about sharing things you’ve discovered and waiting to see what other ideas people will want to link in to that.
        It might be a difficult thing to start at times, but once people get going, it can be exhilarating.

        This used to be something more widely encouraged, before a switch of focus towards what is considered ‘useful’ or ‘relevant’… but how do we know until we explore?

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      2. It’s incredibly difficult in these times of over-saturation, and everyone hoping to be noticed. I completely understand the desire to be recognized and seen, however, I never want to sacrifice authenticity to get there. I love people, ideas, and new information, I wish it was easier to find people who think of those things as well. I know they are out there, it’s just incredibly difficult to build genuine connections over the internet, with so much suspicion and caution surrounding them, I’ve found though, that when you do make a singular connection, and get talking, it can be extremely helpful, and uplifting. I’m the type of person that can come up with a broad/general idea, but need other individuals to find the passion in the idea as well, and brainstorming with others, I think could be incredibly helpful with all of those interested/involved. It’s quite a mission, and I have no idea if it will get anywhere, I don’t think that it is a reason not to try!


  1. I think it’s totally worth a go…

    I know that people, like you say, can be guarded, for all sorts of reasons. But again, as you say,that’s no reason not to try.

    Is there a piece you have read recently, or something you’ve recently discovered, that’s really grabbed you? That you have a passion to share?

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    1. You know, organizing my passions and interests is a difficult thing to do, and is ever-changing. I am currently reading, (like I mentioned in this post), a series of writings dedicated to science and nature. I have always held a passion for science, I did for a short period attend college for environmental science, and have continued learning about topics ranging from chemistry to psychology in my spare time. I also hold deep interest in philosophy, governmental policy, and consumer capitalism ideology, systemic corruption, and a myriad of topics that are unlisted. This all ties into my inability to find a niche, and to focus on one subject. I often get overwhelmed with how much I have yet to learn, and how much I want to know. I am nearly finished with my current read, and may write something about a few of the writings I found most thought-provoking. I’m also looking at buying the most recent book of the same series, for more relevant scientific data, but I know that it isn’t for everyone, which is why I am hoping to engage people with a more diverse area of topics. Who knows, I may be talking to me, myself, and I at the end of the day. Either way though, I will continue pursuing this quest of learning and see where it takes me, and what ideas it stirs up.

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      1. You never know what will spark a discussion or develop into a new journey.

        I discovered this little video during my training for autism support work. It looks at first like a case study of someone with a very divergent way of processing the world… and it turns into a hugely powerful human rights message.

        So just a simple video thrown open can lead into all manner of areas…

        Amanda Baggs – In My Language:

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      2. I noticed that it has many views on YouTube which is amazing, and it definitely is thought-provoking. I find it amazing how things can develop and spark new opportunity in life. It is actually another thing I have been interested in/passionate about lately. Opening myself to any and all avenues has been something I’ve been working on, you really never know where different things will lead. It is one of the most exciting things about life, not knowing where and when it will change course.

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