Calling all closeted self-learners

It’s been running through my mind since my last post, and I really want to put myself out there and start a discussion. Please, if you take the time to read this, I would love to gather anyone with an open mind, and change my quest for this blog a bit. I have recently been really intrigued by the prospect of creating a network, a network that enables anyone and everyone to explore their own interests and start discussions with others that may have knowledge or expertise, or even interest in said area.

If anyone is the least bit interested or has any ideas on how to set up something like that, I would love any and all input. This is a call to start something that I know could be great, with the right community of free thinkers, I have faith that something uplifting, helpful, and interesting can emerge.

The internet has revolutionized the way we live our lives, why not utilize what we already have and so often take for granted? Why not create connections, conversations, and new opportunities?

I know that there are many platforms that are already being used to continue discussions, but my idea is to create something a bit more close knit and intimate between the people on the other end of the screen.

So, again, if anyone has an idea on how to organize a platform like that I would love to talk to you, and start something new. Feel free to email me at:, or leave a comment on this or any post of mine with contact information.

2 thoughts on “Calling all closeted self-learners

  1. I think this is a really great idea. It’s probably safe to assume we all spend our time learning about different subjects and consuming different movies, books, etc. Having a place to share the “good stuff” would be quite useful. I’m not sure exactly how that would look… possibly something like a message board? Where we could start a thread or topic on something we’ve been focusing on; and include whatever we find interesting or essential about this subject, complete with links on where the best sources to find all of this “stuff,” if you will. It would be nice if these could be more long-form, complete ideas rather than.. “check this out! ::with a link to some YouTube clip::”
    – I wouldn’t know how to begin setting something like that up, but I’d love to read and contribute to it! Lately I’ve been big on all-things mental-health, Nootropics, French new-wave cinema, post-modernism, and American Independent movies.
    If everybody pitched in whatever they’re into, it would be an interesting source, for sure. 🙂

    Cheers mates.

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    1. There are platforms like reddit, that are similar to this idea. The thing that gets me though, is the impersonal nature throughout a lot of it, and the fact that the ‘threads’ aren’t always based on topics focusing on self-education. There are also websites like skill share that allow people to teach classes, but those tend to be based in the arts. I had skill share and found myself disappointed in the fact that there were no science based courses to take, as that is a large area of interest for me. I’m really unsure of how to implement a structured system for self-learners that allow the conveniency of other platforms, and the idea is sort of in a baby phase as you will. I haven’t fully wrapped my head around what it would look like, and/or function like. However, I find this platform a place that could be utilized better for something like this, discussion boards would most likely have to change platform though, and I found that they aren’t as well received, simply because they tend to be less mainstream and somehow less inclusive. Anyway, it’s an idea that I’ll try to think longer about, and for now I’ll hopefully be able to start posting some relatively educational content on this blog in the meantime. 🙂


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