Thinking about the view(s)

I’ve been wondering lately why it is that in this time, almost everything can be related to views. We see the world through a lens of pixels and screens, and if we aren’t being seen, we are seeing others who are. I have caught myself refreshing my stats for the day on this blog, constantly hoping someone will recognize me sitting here, all over the place, with no obvious direction, and make sure I’m seen… I’m hoping for someone else to come in and whisk me away to a place where things make sense, I find success, and everything is just a-ok because I have views and that’s all that I need right? Well I’m quite obviously wrong…. The truth really is that this blog has very little direction. It’s where I take all my interests to a screen and hope that someone else sees where I can succeed and carries me along a path that I can’t even see myself.

Alas, the world is not so simple, even with all the technology we have at our fingertips.

Alas, I am still figuring life out, seemingly at a snails pace, I’m trying to figure myself out too. Where I fit, who I can be, what I can be, and most importantly, how I can make a living in this cutthroat place.

I have dreams, and dreams require funds, and funds are only made through… well a job. I have been working again part-time during this age of Corona virus, I have been making my keep, but I strive for a passionate interest that can mean both success and a life I love. I have so many things to be grateful for, and I don’t want to take all the things that I do have for granted. I’m simply wondering, and contemplating the struggle that is finding what it is that will bring me sustenance as well as happiness.

Have any of you found a true passion in your work? What do you do? How did you find your happiness in life?

Thanks for listening to this random rant about life, what else is a young adult to do besides share their idealistic fantasies?

4 thoughts on “Thinking about the view(s)

  1. You are seen.

    You are seen,
    and your words are recognised…
    and there are those in the same directionless place
    who recognise this,
    and feel blessed to have seen a voice that does not stop when it goes into unspoken places.
    There are those in the same directionless place
    who need to know
    that every voice out there is not going to pour acid in the truth if their soul
    and burn them back to a world where none of the precious things fit

    and everything we are sold feels somehow scary.

    Some days,
    none of your contact information will make you feel seen…

    and every beautiful moment will appear to die
    that was yesterday.

    But none if that is what makes you seen.

    You are seen in a portrait shot
    and an alien doodle
    and some honest thoughts about the authenticity of your spirit…
    something incredible
    that reminds people what they spend so much of their time terrified of losing.

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    1. These comments leave me speechless every time, it’s a beautiful poem that I will certainly save and look back on when I need something to make my day lighter. Thank you for reading and giving this amazing input!


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