Mental Health Discussion

In the very beginning of this Ted Talk I was captivated, the eloquence with which Andrew speaks, is truly captivating. Truly, no one does think about the ludicrous feeling of not wanting to take food out of the fridge for lunch, not being able to get out of bed to shower.

It is also an interesting idea that we are far behind in treatment for illnesses like depression, yet we have come so far in the past 100, 50, 20 years.

I have found myself not being able to do those same things lately, not walking downstairs to get food out of the fridge, not leaving the house. It’s a huge problem, it’s an illness that plagues the world, and I find it interesting that it seems that nothing can separate this illness from individual personality and character. Diluting your mental state with medication is sometimes necessary and beneficial, but it is that, that separates yourself from your own insight. Existential questions that are asked by all, mingle in the brain of the depressed, are pondered often and thoroughly…. I wish it felt beautiful and profound to be a person who ponders, sometimes I suppose it is.

I’m interested to hear any thoughts about this, it can be lonely struggling with your own mind, it can be frustrating when you search for connection on a ground that is so individual and personal. I myself, am trying to find the beauty in asking the tough questions, finding the possibilities within my own incessant mind. What about you?

3 thoughts on “Mental Health Discussion

  1. Much of the most beautiful stuff I have written about, or spoken about, or held in my hands when I stand on the shore and hope the tide will wash me clean, or thrown across a room when someone has given me a microphone and asked me to catch a mood…

    much of this has been the same stuff that can stop me getting up in the morning, make me cry at nothing and everything, all at the same time…

    I have listened to “solutions” that work by airbrushing the real me out of myself, leaving me like a lifeless ocean where all the phosphorescence has died. I’ve even been co-opted in to sell a few.

    But I always end up back in a messy place… or sitting in a car at midnight, watching the rain on the windscreen, parked somewhere halfway between here and there, crying because this limbo place feels more like home than either the place I just left or the place I am heading to.

    It’s scary as hell… but I am at my most alive in that place.

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    1. I feel similarly, I was actually just discussing it with a friend. It’s interesting the questions I ask in moments like those, and also the answers I search for. I’m not sure that, if I had the choice, I would give that up. It’s beyond difficult but the complexities and emotions that come from being different are (for me) perplexing and engaging.

      Also, I just wanted to say that I am only talking about how I feel, I tend to fluctuate in my mental state and I feel that the lows are really just a hibernation period (where creativity and life just slow all at once). I’ve actually managed very well so far this winter though. Things have definitely slowed down a bit but I have gotten a lot better at accepting the lulls in energy and vitality.

      Either way, I’ve gone off on a tangent. I sincerely hope that the understanding of human psychology progresses, and I hope we find that treatment might not have to be a series of pills or prognosis.


  2. Depression is truly awful. I’ve recently learnt that depression basically your body stuck in the “freeze” response of fight/flight/freeze. Well not all depression but for those of us with trauma backgrounds it is. That made so much sense to me, it explains why it is so excruciatingly difficult to get your body to move. I only wish I had known this years ago when my depression was at its worst.

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