Do you Even fashion?

So as most people who know me know, I am not the most fashionable on the block.

However, I recently found myself researching vintage selling platforms, which led me to depop, poshmark, and others. With some of the amazing clothes I’ve been finding, I figured it would be an injustice not to try and find them a home where they will get shown off and rock people’s socks off, as they should.

Here I am, down another creative rabbit hole… But first PHOTOS, and the question, Do you Even fashion?

Paint Me

These photos are what sparked creativity, shocked me into an awareness that, I have been allowing myself to fall into my own anxieties and doubts too long. My mind may always war with itself but, I can’t let it stop me from living anymore. Worldwide pandemic or not, I’m determined to make the most of what I have.

I’m looking forward to seeing more ‘colors’ come out in this chapter… Breaking out of my shell I suppose. Wish me luck