*Trigger warning* Talk about injustices in the world of porn.

Someone I know sent me a link to an article titled “The Children of Pornhub” from the NY times. He asked me to write something about it, to which I responded, I’m not sure I can. The reason I said this was due to the nature of the content, the fact that this topic is so vile and frankly depressing. However, I realized that it is not acceptable for me to turn away from the topics that require the most recognition and activism. I have plenty of other things that I could research, and write about. I plan to write about many different topics, if for nothing other than fulfilling my own personal need to learn about the realities of the world.

I will write a brief synopsis of what I have learned about the exploitation of children in the porn industry, and then I will leave a series of links, if you would like to further your knowledge on the topic.

The article that was sent to me, opens your eyes to how easy it is for people to publish pornographic content containing children and/or abuse, neglect, rape, etc. It also explains that there are cases where children go missing (are taken), only to have someone recognize them in videos on sites like pornhub, once the authorities get involved they can force the site to take said videos down. Unfortunately though, it’s most likely too late, as there have already been downloads and shares to other sites and to other people.

“I came across many videos on Pornhub that were recordings of assaults on unconscious women and girls. The rapists would open the eyelids of the victims and touch their eyeballs to show that they were nonresponsive.

Pornhub profited this fall from a video of a naked woman being tortured by a gang of men in China. It is monetizing video compilations with titles like “Screaming Teen,” “Degraded Teen” and “Extreme Choking.” Look at a choking video and it may suggest also searching for ‘She Can’t Breathe.'”

The Children of Pornhub, Nicholas Kristoff

There is also the issue of accountability, as the site itself takes no responsibility for the content posted to the site. It is said that Facebook has taken down 12.4 million images related to child exploitation in only three months, twitter closed 264,000 accounts in 6 months. Pornhub however, noted that the Internet Watch Foundation reported only 118 instances of exploitative content/child abuse in a three year period. This figure seems completely illegitimate for the 10th most visited website on the internet, let alone a website profiting off of sexual fantasies, with “teen” being one of the top searches.

Political action has been very scarcely implemented throughout this ever growing problem, the tech industry has also done little to assist in the fight. There has however been an increase in activism to fight this digital threat. PayPal has cut off their services for the company, and many other credit card companies have been asked to do so as well. Ben Sasse, a Nebraskan senator has also asked that the Justice Department investigate Pornhub. Canada has also been taking a larger stand against child exploitation on Pornhub.

So, looking at all of the problems associated with Pornhub in particular, it is also important to state that Pornhub is owned by a company by the name, Mindgeek, which owns a myriad of other x-rated sites, and is said to have more influence over society than Microsoft, Amazon, and Apple. Making it the 3rd ‘largest’ Tech conglomerate.

“The goal for a content moderator is to let as much content as possible go through,” a former Mindgeek employee told me. He said he believed that the top executives weren’t evil but were focused above all on maximizing revenue.

While Pornhub would not tell me how many moderators it employs, I interviewed one who said that there are about 80 worldwide who work on Mindgeek sites (by comparison, Facebook told me it has 15,000 moderators). With 1.36 million new hours of video uploaded a year to Pornhub, that means that each moderator would have to review hundreds of hours of content each week.

The moderators fast forward through videos, but it’s often difficult to assess whether a person is 14 or 18, or whether torture is real or fake. Most of the underage content involves teenagers, the moderator I spoke with said, but some comes from spy cams in toilets or changing rooms and shows children only 8 to 12.

“The job in itself is soul-destroying,” the moderator said.”

After Jeffrey Epstein opened the worlds eyes to child sex trafficking, and exploitation. How have we not made it absolutely impossible for content like this to surface on the internet? It’s a continual fight against something so incredibly vile. Young people’s lives are at risk, I certainly couldn’t imagine life after an experience like these poor children have gone through. Many who have survived these encounters, end up mentally distressed, and often attempt suicide.

What are we as people, all living on this planet, going to do to make change, and force out these injustices?



Lately, I’ve been genuinely curious, I’ve been conducting some research, and I have a post from social media that I’ve found, that only increases the amount of questions that I have. Learning about so many issues within society today… I can’t understand it all. However, I can give some others one broad topic to think about. Who is making the wheels turn, and what are they doing to make things this way? We all have to assume, unfortunately, that corruption, greed, and coercion exist. We have to start truly learning, before it’s too late. Educating ourselves is difficult enough, not even considering the fact that our media can be controlled/altered. With advancing technology, we have to consider who holds all of that knowledge, and where, we the people, come in. When is it that we make sure that our opinions are heard? When is it that we stop confusing monetary value with self-worth?

Below I will share the post I was talking about previously…. I implore you, I beg you, take a moment to read, take more moments to research, I don’t have enough knowledge to tell you what to do. All that I can say is; take some time to really assess how happy you are with your country, with society, with the consolidation of money, and power. We have (as citizens) A LOT of issues to contend with, we have a lot to resolve. I happen to believe in us, I genuinely hope, that we can come together to fix things.

0 SCORE AND 7 YEARS AGO, it was assumed that teenage angst was why an upper class young man, or anyone else, would share this quote that can easily relate to anyone today. It is clear that the oppressors who have been letting us down, down, down, while we work, sleepless, are the individuals we trusted to lead us and raise this nation Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for ALL. Men and women have died for this cause, of a country with liberty and justice for all. Theyve died overseas, in police violence, in political killings by the gov organizations, and on the streets they call home. We can add nor take away from their greatest sacrifice for this country. Yet it is our American duty called down to us from our forefathers and every American who sacrificed their life to overthrow those who would shackle our Shepard dogs (our fighting ability), herd us like sheep (manipulated information), and sheer and kill us indiscriminately (as an expendable economic resource). These feelings have been calling for years for the purification of American Leadership. The knowledge of this feeling in our FREE American HEARTS has scared our “leadership”. So they work, sweaty as well, to keep us divided with misinformation and the rat race for money. When the government so clearly must protect itself and its corrupt institutions from the people it represents, it was George Washington who said that the people must then take the government. It is time to retake the government my American brothers and sisters. It is for us, living, to ensure that we carry the torch of those who sacrificed everything before us who died, not free, but fighting to be so . That we here highly resolve these Americans not have died in vain, but in the mighty struggle for a rebirth of freedom, and that the government OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people, never parish.

“We are the angry and the desperate,The hungry, and the cold,We are the ones who kept quiet,And always did what we were told.But we’ve been sweating while you slept so calm,In the safety of your home.We’ve been pulling out the nails that hold upEverything you’ve known.Don’t hold me up now,I can stand my own ground,I don’t need your help now,You will let me down, down, down!”

-Rise Against

Motivational talks for personal development

Since getting back from my camping trip, I’ve had a difficult time getting back to a clear mental state. After everything being so quiet for a few days, coming back to the world just feels so loud. I decided this morning to go through some different youtube videos/TED talks, to help get me back to a motivated state. Not just to motivate, but also to organize my head, I realize that I push myself into a state of confusion just because my mind is either moving too quickly, or not at all, and before letting that get insanely frustrating. I took a breath, and decided to go down a rabbit hole of motivational people to try to spark inspiration within myself again.

Without further ado, here’s a list of 4 videos to watch, when you just need someone to help you understand your life:

  1. Charlie Chaplin: The Great Dictator Speech https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w8HdOHrc3OQ To start, we have a speech that is so relevant during election season, and throughout all time. It’s a beautiful speech, I can’t beg you, to truly listen to this, enough. It has continued to inspire, it continues to hold true, and it exemplifies values that have long been lost for most of us. If you are going to pick one video to listen to in this list, I would recommend taking the four minutes. And potentially, take many more, to contemplate how it makes you feel, what it makes you think, and how you can continue to adjust, make the meaning behind the words count.

2. Scott Dinsmore: How to Find and Do Work that You Love https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jpe-LKn-4gM. Next on the list, is a video I first ran across in my search to find motivation. This may translate to a fairly stereotypical motivational speech. However, that is the theme of the post, it really was time well spent in my opinion. Scott has some great tips and tricks for people, using the statistic that 80% of the population is pursuing work that they don’t enjoy, simply because they think its what they should/need to do. It’s so important to recognize discontentment and complacency. We can make such a larger difference as individuals when we are able to pursue passionate work, rather than work that will simply pay the bills.

3. Mel Robbins: How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lp7E973zozc I will be the first to say that, without too much judgement, this video starts off a little too self-help newspaper column. However, if you’re willing to get past the shrillness, and cliche-ness(?), there is genuinely good advice in here. We are in an age with so much ability to learn, to improve, to utilize, and that’s what this talk is all about.

4. Ashley Stahl: How to Figure Out What You Really Want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRtBHF-WPpM Wow, this one starts off with a really interesting story, and evolves into a beautiful perspective. I don’t necessarily enjoy the feeling that I’m the one holding myself back, I hate that feeling actually. However, it must be the most important realization one person can make. How to change that, is a whole different story, and Ashley gives some great advice on going in the right direction. Forcing yourself out of fear of the unknown, and pursuing those things that you’ve always wanted. Life may be confusing, self-recognition may be even more so, it’s just so incredibly important to keep trying, keep questioning, and keep taking the time to assess yourself.