Operation Vintage Fam

Just to fill everyone in, I am currently becoming an antique at a vintage shop near my home town.

Pictures are worth a thousand words so I’ll drop some progress photos!

For anyone interested in my other social media, or anybody who wants to follow along with the vintage fam:

Facebook: Vintage Fam; Becoming Antiques

Instagram: @becoming_antiques

Personal Instagram: @whynotb.you

Depop: @jenaekayy

Thanks for checking out my current venture!

The Social Dilemma

Highly recommend going on Netflix and watching this documentary, it’s incredibly eye-opening, and sheds light on the issues surrounding our current legislation on social media. Not to mention the direction that AI is currently headed, and the ability of companies to manipulate us.

The inevitable profit gain of Social media companies selling our attention/data/personalities is terrifying. Hearing the implications of the systems currently in place, from people that were once developing said programs and algorithms, is only more persuasive in propagating that fear. This is a necessary concern, and we should all take a little time to learn about, and try to understand the tactics being used to manipulate our lives.

The profit at all costs mentality, that has overthrown compassion and empathy for hundreds of years, is only now becoming a true concern for humanity. The environment has been destroyed in order to gain more profits, is it our time now? Is it our turn to be mis-used and depleted, or are we going to make fundamental changes before it’s too late for us and our planet?